Company Formation is no longer a hassle today and in the near future companies will be bought as easily as any other commodity in the market.

At Panlegis we strive to provide the most efficient and the simplest of solutions in regards to company formation that would benefit a seasoned entrepreneur just as it would a complete new comer. Our goal is to reach out to everyone who requires company formation services, so that anyone and everyone can take advantage of this facility and that too with the most efficient products at the lowest rates possible.

With our years of experience and great expertise in company formation, we can assure our clients of our best services by making even the most difficult legal products seem simple and by offering them company structures that best suit their needs. Now company formations are no longer a slow-moving process, in fact we can help you form a new company in a matter of few hours. Documentations still remain the same; it is the process that has been added wheels to.

A quick generation of the right Memorandum and Articles of Association for your company that are in your jurisdiction is automatically provided by our servers, which leaves no place for errors, besides it cuts down on costs considerably. Our team at Panlegis comprising of lawyers and highly trained formation officers are always happy to extend their support and advice when required.

Apart from company formations, we provide company secretary services, offer you a registered office, legal and tax advice, bank introduction facilities, filing assistance, accounting services and director and key official services. Our company formation services extend to the countries of Norway, Sweden, Germany and Malta. Every year we have helped form more than 12,000 companies in Europe, both onshore as well as offshore.

Due to its efficient services and growing popularity, Panlegis has experienced a tremendous boost to the company, enabling it to reach out to newer markets and enhance its range of services and extend company formations to other jurisdictions too. This includes the establishing and licensing of companies such as the professional investor funds in Malta, captive insurance companies, remote gaming companies based in Malta and Registration of Community Trademarks or trademarks in other EU or EEA jurisdictions.

We believe in working closely with our clients and to their satisfaction, which is why Panlegis is one of the leading company formation agents in the whole of Europe today.