Panlegis offers a range of services that include apart from company formation, legal services, bank introductions, company secretary services, gaming licenses and key official services, all of which are important requirements of a company. Serving clients on a global level, we provide crucial services that are important for running any kind of business. From pre-formation preparations to all other subsequent structural planning, Panlegis helps you sail through without a hitch.

Our superior technology automated software systems enable us to form companies in a matter of hours. In fact, Panlegis has direct online access to Companies House UK, which makes it possible to process company papers almost instantly. Also these automated tools allow us to provide services at a cost that is much lower than any available in the industry.

The two most important company formation papers, the Memorandum of Association and the Articles of Association are instantly generated by our servers with great accuracy and in the right jurisdiction. This not only reduces overhead costs, but also leaves no space for errors, which are often noticed when papers are filled in manually by legal clerks.

Panlegis offers company formation services in the following countries: