AS – Norwegian Limited

The AS is the traditional Norwegian Corporation, which offers you a number of facilities that include full security, sizeable tax benefits and enhanced social rights.

A limited company is the most popular form of company formation and offers limited liability to the shareholders of the company, which means their liabilities are not greater than what they have invested in the company. In case of a company’s insolvency, the shareholders own personal assets remain unaffected although the money invested in the company is lost.

Limited companies are not required to pay taxes on dividends received from other companies, nor for the profits that they make through the sales of shares. This type of company is appropriate for a holding or investment company. Joint-stock company formation helps secure investor capital and credit for investment and the development of the company.

If the company you intend to form requires huge capital investments and you feel there is a need of an annual audit of your company accounts, then having an AS would be quite beneficial. As an AS, your company will need to hire an auditor who will be responsible for preparing your company audits. Also you will need to meet the minimum capital requirement of £100,000 for your Norwegian AS.

Panlegis can help you acquire a NUF or an AS, depending on your requirement. Although the AS and the NUF have similar benefits, the former requires a greater investment, but is a better option if you intend to form a company with larger capital investments.

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