NUF Company Formation

NUF is like the AS in nature, enjoying all the rights, but with the difference of having less or no liabilities.

So what you get from Panlegis, is a NUF with all the rights of a Norwegian Corporation without having to share capital and in some cases not even hire an accountant!

The NUF is rapidly growing into becoming one of the most sought after forms of company formation in Norway and it is completely legal. You get the advantages of an AS, but at the price of a single proprietorship!

When you apply for the NUF through Panlegis, what you get in return is a registered limited company in England as well as in Norway. Due to company laws that allow the freedom to establish a registered office of a limited company anywhere within the EU, it is easy to register an office of an English limited company in Norway with the benefits of an AS.

With the NUF, there are no personal liabilities, besides you get the beneficial treatment of the AS as concerns taxes. You also get to enjoy greater social rights. What is more, you do not need to hire an auditor if your company turnover is below $5 million, nor do you have to arrange for a minimum share capital of £100,000, which is important for an AS company formation. Your benefits just don’t end here! You can even hire yourself as an employee and extract a salary too!

Rounding up the advantages you get from the NUF that you acquire through Panlegis

  • Complete limitation of personal liabilities
  • Zero taxes on company dividends
  • Zero taxes on profits made through company shares
  • No auditor required if sales are below $5 million
  • No minimum share capital required
  • The ability to hire yourself
  • Be paid dividends in place of salary
  • No limits to income on pension